Video for Your Website

How YouTube (and other video sites) Can Help Your Business

Mears Interactive Video for WebsitesYouTube and other online video sites are not just for posting video of surfing dogs or up and coming teen music sensations – it is a powerful business tool that can be used to show off your expertise, market your products or services, connect with existing and potential customers and share content across the globe.

YouTube is the #2 search engine in the world behind Google. Don’t think this makes a difference to your business?  In competitive industries, this may be the key to your business ranking higher in the searches and helping you get noticed.

Mears Interactive can help you create a video strategy that makes sense for your industry.  We will help you highlight your business by taking viewers on a tour of a new product or just around the block to your offices.

We will help you to produce captivating, results-oriented video at a reasonable cost.  Make your message come alive and attract new contacts with podcasts, web videos, vidcasts and splash intros.

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