Social Media

Are You Ready to Take the Plunge?

“Social Networking” or “Social Media” has profoundly changed the way we communicate with our family and friends, not to mention, customers and potential clients.

Are you ready to take the plunge? To be honest, you don’t need to plunge headfirst into social networking – strategically putting one foot in at a time is the best way to decide what is best for your business or organization.

Mears Interactive can help you decide where your customers are online and tailor a program that fits your budget, time-constraints AND your demographics.  Social media is here to stay and the more reluctant you are to join the conversation, the more likely you, and your business, will be passed by!

Mears Interactive Social Media ConsultantsWhy Use Social Media?
- It is Free or Low Cost
- It is Quantifiable
- It Creates Loyalty
- It is Flexible
- It is Timely and Relevant
- It Helps to Build Your Brand
- It Enhances Web Traffic
- It Levels the Playing Field

There are thousands of social networking sites on the web; deciding which one(s) are best for you is the hard part.

Mears Interactive will help you determine who you want to reach and how to reach them. YouTube can be used to create buzz about a new product, Twitter can drive traffic into your business with a promotion or discount, Facebook can create loyalty and find new customers by utilizing one of your biggest resources – your existing customers.  There are other social media sites that can help you connect with your clients.  LinkedIn is the premiere site for professional referrals and virtual networking.  Yelp gives your customers an opportunity to rate your products, food or overall customer service.  Flickr gives you a way to express yourself and your brand in pictures!