Brand Identity

Knowing your company or organization’s brand proposition is extremely important before embarking on any type of marketing strategy.  Many companies have a very vague or unclear vision of who or what they are, therefore it makes it extremely difficult to create successful marketing campaigns.

Do you have a brand?  Is it as strong as you can make it?  Do others recognize your brand in the market place?

Mears Interactive can provide you with insight into your current brand proposition, understanding of both your employees and your customers’ brand perceptions, your competitive market position and actual effectiveness in portraying what you actually do.  We employ a team of brand strategists to conduct research, suggest new directions, create amazing logo identity packages and custom graphic standards.  We will help you to execute the new brand strategy in your everyday communications, as well as incorporate this information into your operating and marketing strategy and promotions.

Clarifying your brand proposition and identity elements will drive profitability, lower costs of marketing execution, increase customer buy-in, retention and loyalty, and maintain the most loyal and productive employees in your organization.

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