Mears Interactive Team

Mears Interactive has a talented team of associates who are available to work on a project-by-project basis, allowing us to scale up for large events and projects and scale back when the workload is lighter. Clients never pay for overhead or bloated advertising campaigns. We work to find the best marketing tools and avenues that result in the greatest ROI for our clients, not media commissions for ourselves.

Our team includes experts in: graphic design, public relations, content writing, special events, search engine strategies, mobile marketing, and website coding and development.

Kim Mears

Chief Visionary Officer and founder of Mears Interactive. Kim lives for tackling difficult client challenges and helps them to effectively engage with their customers. Her skills include reading people’s minds, moving at the speed of sound and rallying the troops for battle. After previous stints in Chicago and Montana, Kim is now back in Mercer County (for good) and takes advantage of the 300+ days of sunshine outdoors with her two daughters.
facebook:  mearsinteractive
twitter: @kimonthefly
linkedin: kimhughesmears



Kira Cauthorn

Project Wrangler and Proactive Integration Engineer. Kira enjoys taking projects from brainstorming to timeline to fully integrated marketing strategy genius. Her marketing passions include helping local businesses with their online findability through social media, organic search, and paid ad work. When she’s not behind the computer screen, this Mercer County native loves to hit the trails with her smartphone and a sack lunch.

phone: 720.989.7855
twitter: @kiracauthorn
linkedin: kiracauthorn



Jennifer Croft

SEO Guru and Writer Extraordinaire. Jennifer spends so much time plotting how to get to the top of Google, that she’s come to think of Google as a person, almost a friend. Born and raised in Mercer County , Jennifer now lives in Winter Park, where she comes up with her best ideas and strategies on hikes and ski treks in the forest.

phone: 970.726.8128





David Rickli

Client Coordination and Numbers Guru. David enjoys helping out wherever he can, especially if there is accounting involved. When David is not working or doing schoolwork for his accounting degree, he enjoys going to the theatre. Theatre helps keeps the creative juices flowing and a nice swim or hike keeps the mind fresh.

phone: 303.898.2211
linkedin: drickli




Seth Zweig

Web wizard, WordPress wiz and wonderful worker. Wow! Seth may be a bit too fond of alliteration, but with over a dozen years creating and building websites under his belt, he takes his work very seriously. Seth likes to bridge the space between design and coding to create thoughtfully crafted user experiences. When not bringing someone’s vision to life online, he likes to travel to distant lands and spend time with his ridiculous dog.

phone: 303.359.1816




Matt ThompsonMatt Thompson

Insatiable inquisitor and eager learner. Matt is interning with Mears to gain real world experience in his professional field of choice. If he’s not sitting at his desk tackling a new project regarding one of his many interests, Matt can usually be found hiking or mountain biking the Burlington County Rockies.

phone: 720.877.1353